3.9 branched out..

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010|Core changes, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans

With some up-coming changes in trunk, we have created a stable 3.9 branch. It is not an official release yet, but if you are using trunk, I recommend you to switch.

How to switch

use svn switch http://svn.firefly.activestate.com/romaninsh/atk4/branches/3.9

Or if you are using externals, update to this path:



Upcoming changes in trunk

For now – I have created my own branch, where I am doing the moves and cleaning up a lot of old files. Once my branch will be working, I will put it back into trunk.

Many classes like “Grid” will be renamed into “Grid_generic” and “MVCGrid” into “Grid/MVC” etc. There will be however directory “defaults” which will have bunch of classes like “class Grid extends Grid_generic”. Eventually those defaults might change for the library, but to keep your things working you might want to copy contents of “defaults” directory locally.

I will put more documentation about this, but this should help us move forward with new a lot of new stuff in ATK while preserving compatibility.

Alternative: Namespaces

What are your thoughts on using namespaces? Syntax would be:


then in some file:

use atk4\Grid\generic as Grid;

I am not yet sure how this is going to sit with $this->add(), which we widely use.