3.9.1 Released

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans

Release of 3.9.1 brings us many bugfixes and enhancements. Grid is cleaned up but forms are also slightly changed.

Below is the list of changes between 3.9 and 3.9.1

Major Features

  • Grid now always initializes it’s own JS widget. Also added support for row reloading, inline edit, deletes and more.
  • certain elements on form and form itself is now enclosed in <div> $form->js()->submit() would still work, but if you need to target form element, $form->js()->find(‘form’) would be the right way.
  • added XSLT support and HTML sanitization through System/HTMLSanitizer.php
  • added univ.

Minor Additions

  • improved form error display
  • improved form separators and form styles
  • update.sh now looks for config few directories up and will attempt to detect .my.conf and use it instead if present
  • changed how user is being redirected after successful login
  • entitymanager->c can be set to override controller
  • adding multiple childs with same class without name no longer generates error
  • added System/HTMLSanitizer – for parsing HTML input
  • instead of array(‘template’,'_top’) you can use shortcut array(‘template’)
  • added __() static function for further localization. (might be changed into other function such as $api->_, not sure)
  • changes to TMail (more changes coming up)
  • field->default_value is not accessible
  • API::loadStaticPage() now handles processing of pages which are not found under /page/. (check for templates)
  • added page with icons yoursite/icons.html.
  • added implementation for fat checkboxes


  • improved upload fields
  • improved field reloading, added partial field rendering
  • fixed case where JS could be broken by strings with quotes passed through js() chain.