Looking for PDO compatibility testers in Agile Toolkit

Sunday, July 10th, 2011|Brainstorming, Core changes, Version 4|by Romans|

I now need your help with testing. It shouldn’t take too much time. I would love if you could test non-mysql database connectivity.

The test-suite is located in github, with public access:


Installation is straightforward, similar to https://github.com/agiletech/colubris/wiki/Installation in the configuration file you would need to add:


Instead of mysql you can use different database. Once you open it locally, you should see this:


I am combining the new module from experementall stuff and dblite and it turns out AWESOME. Parametric queries, sub-queries, cache, everything is done elegantly:

I will document it all properly as soon as the module is finished. Please report any errors right away. Other areas will be eventually added. Do not use new PDO driver for production yet. It will be made more compatible and more integrated with the rest of Agile Toolkit.

In preparation of 4.1 stable release of Agile Toolkit

Thursday, July 7th, 2011|Uncategorized|by Romans|2 Comments

We listen to your feedback and are cleaning code, adding PHPDOC support and more stuff. The “master” branch in github was switched to a version in preparation of 4.1 release.

If you were using 4.0 and are not quite ready to update then checkout “4.0″ branch from git. If you were on 4.1-beta1 then you are welcome to try “master”. If it produces errors, you can fall back to “4.1″ branch.

Of course we would love if you use “master” and gave us feedback on the errors you encounter. There are few minor thing to consider if you are switching from 4.1b1 though. Official upgrade guide is not out yet, hence the blog post:

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Learn how to use Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011|Beginner tips, Misc|by Romans|

Whenever I come over object-oriented tutorial or a book, it always uses either Java or C++. I have never found this a big problem, but there are many people out there, who are NOT familiar with those languages and can never find a good tutorial to Object Oriented Programming.

Another problem is that PHP has no built-in interface with the user. You need to generate HTML and it’s not easy to do so, that’s why it makes any object-oriented examples useless or silly.

I want to give you the PROPER example of a good object-oriented paradigms in PHP language. At the end I will explain how this Geometrical universe can be used for Web Software programming:

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