Yin and Yang of modern PHP UI Frameworks

Sunday, October 31st, 2010|Beginner tips, Version 3, Version 4|by Romans|2 Comments

I came over this old question on StackOverflow: “Which PHP Framework will get me to a usable UI the fastest?” I couldn’t help but wonder, why people are not aware of all those other PHP UI frameworks? There are few, right? If you google for “php ui” you can find them. Those are more generally referred to as UI toolkits. But why those toolkits are not known in the mainstream?

Why there is a gap between UI toolkits and mainstream frameworks? If UI is Yin and backend is Yang – why can’t they co-exist?

Here is what I think..

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3.9.1 Released

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans|

Release of 3.9.1 brings us many bugfixes and enhancements. Grid is cleaned up but forms are also slightly changed.

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3.9 local change reviews and merges with trunk

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans|
Mini review of patches which are being moved from 3.9 to trunk.
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Grid Documentation

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010|Beginner tips|by Romans|8 Comments

Grid is a powerful UI element used in almost any web application. Some frameworks decide not to implement them at all. Others rely on full-featured JavaScript implementation and only provide data source as requested. Agile Toolkit builds grids in HTML, then enhances them through JavaScript. JavaScript widget then communicates with back-end to perform additional features for the grid. This post will look more in-depth on what can you do with grids.

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Upcoming release 3.9.1

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010|Version 3|by Romans|1 Comment

There are number of stability improvements and code clean ups happening in trunk. We are getting ready to release minor update for our stable branch 3.9. Some of the features:

  • Ajax Form inline errors are back and working properly
  • Grids are going to be married with atk4_grid and will support row reloading and other things
  • Grid Inline editing is back!
  • Improved compatibility with older projects
  • … and more.

Tell me what would you like to see in upcoming release? Oh and meanwhile, we did our first public demonstration of Agile Toolkit 4:


We plan to wind-up our promotion as we are nearing closer to 4.0 release.

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Demos Updated

Monday, October 4th, 2010|Misc|by Romans|

Groundwork for new demo.atk4.com is complete. Lots of features to come soon such as commenting, suggestions, reviews, search and more.


If your team is developing a web application using Agile Toolkit then you might want to build your own demos / test-cases. Good news is – you can re-use same architecture for your own demonstration site, here is how:

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