Dual Licensing of Agile Toolkit

Agile Toolkit can be used for free in personal, open-source or intranet software as well as web software backends with restricted access. In those cases you do not need to make your source frely available.

If you are building web service (SaaS) or software which will be used by many public users (Downloadable web app), then you need to either offer to download your software source or hold a valid developer's license. Having a developer license permits you to distribute your app as a closed-source app.

You can avoid licensing cost by not developing yourself, but rather letting other licensed developer write software for you.

Open-Source license - liabilities and benefits

You can use Agile Toolkit under the terms of Affero General Public License. You will receive all source code for free (as in free speech). Code comes as-is without warranty or commercial support.

According to AGPL terms, you need to let people who use your code also be able to download or get access to source code (such as including link to your public GitHub repository.

You can still charge your users for your service, data or premium features as long as you distribute source code or contribute it to original author of the open-source software.

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Developer license - liabilities and benefits

This license permits a single developer to work on and deploy unlimited amount of web sites or web applications based on Agile Toolkit.

As developer you can distribute your application encrypted for your own profit.

You can charge web users any amount in any way while keeping your source code in confidentiality.

Software can be deployed on as many servers as necessary.

License must be purchased and renewed annualy if you continue developing closed-source software.

You can use open-source license while in beta-testing, then purchase license when your SaaS is launched.

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Domain license - liabilities and benefits

Permits single developer to deploy web software based on Agile Toolkit under a single domain name.

Suitable for personal and commercial projects.

No need to share or open-source your code. Use any license you like.

Does not need to be renewed. License do not expire.

Transfer to other developer or other domain nameis not permitted.

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Licensing Questions and Answers

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