Authors of Agile Toolkit

The Agile Toolkit exist because of the continious effort by two of it's main authors. Romans Malinovskis is inventor of original concept and have been enhancing the toolkit throughout the decade. Dmitry Malinovskis (a.k.a Mayack) is a designer of Agile Toolkit's interface. Only as a collaboration between a developer and a designer, Agile Toolkit was able to gain it's User Interface components.


"My obsession with Object-Oriented programming has begun when I was 15. I have programmed in Object-Pascal and Turbo Vision, early Windows Objects and have built my own Object-Oriented environments for games and point-and-click user interfaces."


Mayack is a bleeding-edge web designer, who would work hard just to get rid of unnecessary <div>s in HTML source. Being huge fan of new CSS3 and HTML5 he have joined development of AModules2 framework in 2004 and also participated in many commercial projects developed with the framework.


Many people have helped us either by testing, or through developing on Agile Toolkit. We are very grateful to them all, here is a full list. If you have helped us out, but you are not on the list, please let us know.

Roberts Muhametsins, Krisjanis Linkevics, Janis Volbergs, Aija Luuse, Chernousov Vjacheslav, Kirill Chernishov, Maxim Usotjev, Igor Karablin, Vladimir Mamzikov, Alexander Dudchenko, Svetlozar Kondakov, Maxim Antonuk, Gita Malinovska, Prashanth Papagiri, Fernando Javier Martin, Trevor North and many more


Timeline of Agile Toolkit

AModules 2
AModules 3
Agile Toolkit
Since 2010
License Proprietary LGPL GPL AGPL / Commercial
Most recent release - v2.2 (2004-04-23) v3.0.1 (2007-01-18) master branch
Language Requirement PHP3 PHP4 PHP5 PHP5.3
Target Software Administration Systems Administration Systems Web Backend and Portals Software as a Service, Web 2.0
Object Oriented Structure - partial full full
Model-View-Controller partial - - full
Dynamic SQL - - full full
Templates - - full full
Deployed projects ~50 ~70 ~120 over 100 and growing
Javascript Library - - Custom JS Library jQuery UI based
JavaScript Events - - - full suport
Speed fast extra fast extra fast extra fast
Flexible Directory Structure - - - through PathFinder
Extensions - partial partial full
Database Update Scripts - yes yes yes
Advanced Error Logging - - yes, Logger yes, Logger
Page Content Freedom - limited flexible flexible
Routing direct access to files single point entry single point entry single point entry
Adoption of new PHP features sessions, arrays classes, objects exceptions, unification closures, catchall, access control